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Teatr 4 żywioły 2018

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The Theatre of Four Elements was established in 1994 at Eugenes Mikolajczyk`s suggestion. This is an private and independent theatre. The  programme  is  situated  in  the  current  of  the  movement theatre and pantomime. The theatre realises only outdoor performances.

The plays are based uppone: fairy-tales, legends, biblical and mithological motives also fantasy books.
In all performances one make use of pantomime elements, dance, acrobatics, mask theatre technics, stilts, fire and pyrotechnical effects.

The theatre takes part in the most important festivals and presentations of street theatres all over Poland. In 1997 the theatre won the golden “Mask of Pierrot” at the VII International Street Theatre in Chojnice, a member of the Polish Parlament was the persona that awarded – the mask.

From 1997 the theatre takes part in the European Street Theatre Festival “les z`Arts de la Rue” Sarraguemines in France.

In 1998 performed in Emsdetten and Hamburg – Germany. In 1999 the theatre took part in the II Festival of Street Art “Souffle d`Art” in Bitche – France.